Symptoms of ADHD

Symptoms of ADHD

Symptoms of ADHD


ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a rising concern in the modern society for the past decade. It has been a hindrance to excelling in life, irrespective of age, for adults and children alike. Signs of ADHD are typically seen at a really young age, usually between the ages six and twelve. ADHD has the potency to negatively affect people’s lifestyles by hampering them psychologically.


ADHD is a psychological disorder- it causes absent-mindedness, impulsiveness, restlessness and unruly behaviour. It provokes a lack of focus and concentration in various fields of the patient’s life; for instance, it can lead to deterioration in academic performance.


To save your dear ones from ADHD, you have to be on the lookout for the potential symptoms of this mental disorder. It is often very difficult to define the anomalies in behavior as ADHD symptoms; however, if you analyze minutely it can be possible to spot the symptoms.


Common Signs Of ADHD

ADHD symptoms usually include forgetfulness, a tendency to daydream, boredom of activities in a short time and problems submitting work in due time e.g. presentations at office or school assignments. People with ADHD also tend to become puzzled in trivial matters easily and have a low attention span, so have difficulties in following easy instructions. Moreover, misplacing things is commonly noticed among patients of ADHD.


Patients of ADHD have trouble in organizing and executing their tasks properly since they fail to comprehend any information as effectively as others. They also have issues in sustaining attention in a particular activity- their mind drifts off to other activities from time to time.


Some obvious symptoms of ADHD are: the patients appear to be impatient in nature and are very fidgety. In addition, they are very much talkative and often disturb people incessantly. They often cannot judge situations and say things that are considered inappropriate.


What Should Be Done

If you are continuously noting these symptoms and abnormal behavior over a period of six months in your dear one, then it can be safely said that he or she should consult a psychiatrist and take adequate treatment and medications for ADHD.

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