ADHD Symptoms In Toddlers

ADHD Symptoms In Toddlers

ADHD Symptoms In Toddlers


A growing medical condition in recent years, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) is a psychological disorder which occurs due to irregularities in neurodevelopment of the brain. Symptoms are noted at tender years, around six-seven years of age, and they may persist upto teenage years to adulthood. Causing many disruptions in life in general, ADHD is one of the most destabilising disorders in the world.


How does it effect life?

ADHD has a profound effect in life. It causes the afflicted to become a forgetful, absent minded person with no heed for actions and is a generally disliked person in society. People with ADHD are very forgetful, lose their belongings more often than not, and miss out on important details in a conversation or lecture which causes dire consequences for them later on.


People with ADHD talk non-stop, and often are very rude and impatient- interrupting other people’s activites and conversations and making inappopriate remarks. This causes them to become a nuisance in other people’s eyes- they struggle at tasks where mental consistency is required so end up failing at school and missing out on job opportunities. Severe cases may also hamper entire livelihood. So it must be diagnosed and handled with at an early age before things go haywire.


The Very Early Signs In A Toddler

Although ADHD diagnosis is not done at such an early age, preschool children are usually kept on watch and checked for ADHD. Toddlers can display inattention, i.e. they cannot concentrate on one activity alone e.g. while playing with a variety of toys, they move on continuously from one toy to another.


Early signs of ADHD include continuous unintelligble noise making and an incredible degree of activity- they hardly have time for naps and having books read to them- they are almost always on the move. Moreover, they show impatience and are very prone to tantrums-they have a lot of difficulties controlling their emotions. They also show a lot of aggression with their peers and always look to be bursting with energy. Furthermore, in situations where they have to keep calm and remain still like story time or being fed, they still show impulsivity and keep running around.


Although toddlers are often seen doing things such as these at regular intervals- it still is not risk free as if a toddler is doing such activites at a severe scale, he/she should be kept on watch for ADHD, for future diagnosis if required.

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