Causes of ADHD

Causes of ADHD

Causes of ADHD


ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is one of the most common conditions in children. It is a pyschiatric disorder which is assoicated with inadequate development in the brain in certain areas and poor amount of neurodevelopment, causing various problems such as irrtiability, forgetfullness, struggling to organize oneself and focus in daily life. It is one of the most studied conditions too. And researchers have found not one, but several reasons that cause ADHD.


Reasons Which Cause ADHD

Starting from toxins, to the environment the child lives in, ADHD is caused by various reasons:


1. The symptoms of ADHD are dependent on a child's environment, as it's a neurobiological condition. The surroundings of a child has a great impact on his brain, and can make a child completely isolated, or can cause ADHD.


2. ADHD can also be caused by less functioning of the parts of the brain that control attention, concentration, and activity of a child.


3. ADHD can be genetic. If a father was diagnosed with ADHD at a certain time, his child is also very likely to suffer from ADHD at the same time. So, ADHD also depends on the predecessors of a child.


4. At a certain age, if the child is still not mature enough, there's a chance that the child might develop ADHD. For example, when a child is six years old, but compared to others of the same age, he is not very mature and prompt, the child will have a risk of suffering from ADHD.


5. Accidents can also cause ADHD. A severe head injury can affect the brain significantly, and lead to ADHD in some cases.


6. Entrance of harmful substances can also lead to ADHD. Alcohol and nicotine from smoking increases the chance of ADHD. Also, toxins in the environment can lead to ADHD. For instance, if by any means lead enters the body; it can affect some parts of the brain that in turn, will affect the behavior and development of a child. Others toxins can have the same effect too.


The Search Is On...

Scientists are still studying this condition, and are trying to find out more causes, more solutions and treatment. Research to date has shown only these causes of ADHD mentioned above, but obviously, there are more, and scientists are looking for it.

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