ADHD And Dopamine

ADHD And Dopamine

ADHD And Dopamine


Dopamine, a chemical in the brain, is a very important requirement for normal bodily function. Irregularities in the levels of dopamine can lead to a lot of problems-abnormalities in muscle contraction and unusual behavior is also prompted. Based on where the imbalance of dopaminelies in the brain, lack or excess of dopamine in some areas can cause problems with concentration, and can cause inattention as well.


An imbalance in dopamine can cause the muscles in the body to become stiff and cause them to move unconciously-that is, fidgeting and squirming continuously. Depression is also seen in people with dopamine imbalance.


It is striking to see that the imbalance in dopamine can lead to inception of a variety of symptoms which are similar to the symptoms of ADHD-Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a psychiatric condition which causes a lot of difficulties in the daily life of people. Scientists throughout the world have reached a conclusion that the chemical dopamine is a possible contributer to a lot of cases of ADHD.


What Research Has Found

A study in 1999 has found that people with better dopamine transferal in brain had much lesser cases of ADHD, whereas people with lesser had more cases of ADHD. People with higher DTD, or Dopamine Transporter Density which try to restrain transferal of dopamine, have been found to be more likely to suffer from ADHD.


Although research has been conducted, most has been inconclusive and hasn’t garnered many dependable results over the years. But it has been found that dopamine can be a probable treatment for ADHD.


Medications For ADHD Which Include Dopamine?

Ritalin, which is methylphenidate, is a drug used to treat ADHD. This drug apparently boosts level of dopamine-and it has been found useful in raising attention and concentration. Thus, it may be said that dopamine may be one of the prime causes- and also cures- of ADHD in general.

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