ADHD Tests

ADHD Tests

ADHD Tests


ADHD, the mental condition which has caught a lot of public attention and vigorous research for the past decade, has plagued many lives of thousands of people worldwide. It is a psychological disorder, which causes many problems including forgetfulness, potential loss of concentration and relentless fidgeting. Suffered by people worldwide, there are many who actually suffer from this condition yet are quite unsure whether they actually are victim of this or not.



They have all the right to be unsure, as the symptoms of ADHD are often very similar to you average normal person- it may also be considered normal in many cases, which is why patients may not be able to spot this very easily. This is also evident as the ADHD brain and the normal brain have many differences in their respective functions- the normal brain being much more responsive, and effective.


Do you have ADHD?

This is a short test with a list of the common signs of ADHD i.e. an ADHD test. If you do have ADHD, you should be able to relate to the following quite readily-

  • You are quite impatient, and want things to go on faster, and are easily irritable
  • You struggle a lot to organize yourself
  • While talking to others, you sometimes just lose track of their conversation and just zone out
  • You are bored, even of something new, quite easily and quickly
  • When you get a task to do, you just stall and try to do it later i.e. procrastinate
  • You usually make rash decisions about many situations
  • You often do stuff excessively which aren’t good for you, e.g. gaming, shopping and eating


If you suffer from most of the following symptoms you should go to the doctor posthaste, and get medications for ADHD or therapy to resolve this disorder, and get back on excelling in your life.

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