ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is now one of the most common conditions worldwide. Its negative effects on lifestyle are disturbing and are a serious cause of concern.


How is it harmful?

ADHD causes a lot of problems in the people afflicted to it. People with ADHD usually lack the ability to focus and concentrate on a task effectively, thus they usually cannot perform well in tasks associated with mental strength and concentration. Moreover, ADHD also makes them grossly inattentive making them miss the details of an important conversation e.g lectures, and they end up making mistakes later on. They also struggle in organizing their tasks making them lose out in job and academic performance.


People with ADHD also tend to be anti-social, and are prone to make inappopriate remarks and comments without considering the consequences later on. They also take important decisions with haste and are reckless.


These problems cause people with ADHD to not be able to go on in society at the same pace as others. These constant drawbacks hinder their chances of a good life. This is why a cure for ADHD is required.


Cures For ADHD

Some established cures for ADHD have been patented and are in use for quite a length of time. While some being inconclusive, others have gotten very good results.


ADHD cures include the following:


Medications For ADHD, the drugs which are allowed for treating ADHD. Usually in the form of stimulants, they temporarily increase focus and concentration over a period of time. Stimulants have a hefty amount of side effects so often people go for non-stimulants as well. Anti-depressents are also used, as they also have garnered good results.


Therapy, i.e. behavorial therapy has also seen to be quite effective in reducing effects of ADHD. It usually is associated with behavior management, i.e. gifts and prizes for good behavior while punishments for bad behavior. Social skills training and cognitive behavorial therapy are also used to improve the behavorial problems which people with ADHD have.


Diet, A good healthy balanced diet can help to reduce effects of ADHD. It has often been seen that food which contains sugars and caffeine lead to increased hyperactivity, so they can be cut down from the diet to reduce effects of ADHD.


ADHD has seriously become a blatant cause of concern in recent years, and if it is not cured in ample time, it may become a big hurdle for advancement in the future.

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