The 3 Types Of ADHD

The 3 Types Of ADHD

The 3 Types Of ADHD


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, more popularly known by its abbreviation ADHD, is a neurological disorder which leads to abnormal functioning of the brain, and causes irregularities and abnormalities, in behavior, learning and emotions.


It is one of the most common medical conditions now worldwide and the first signs of ADHD are seen usually at the age of seven and may go on to adulthood. The persistent negative effect of this disease on lifestyle causes a lot of struggle for the patients of ADHD.


The Three Types

Doctors and researchers have separated and identified ADHD into three types. These include:

  • The predominantly inattentive type
  • The predominantly impulsive-hyperactive type
  • The combination type

Each type has its own symptoms and patients are treated accordingly to the type of ADHD they actually suffer from.


Predominantly Inattentive Type

People with this type of ADHD will show more inattention and forgetfullness rather than hyperactivity or impulsiveness. Furthermore, they will tend to have problems in focusing and concentrating, and will struggle organizing themselves or organizing their plans and tasks. They also quickly get bored at things they do. Easily getting distracted as well, they have trouble maintaining their focus on one particular task at one time. They also look to zone out while someone is speaking and miss important details in a conversation.


Predominantly Impulsive-Hyperactive Type

People with predominantly hyperactive type are quite easy to spot- they simply cannot sit still for a single moment and almost always are fidgeting in their seats-be it tapping their fingers or tapping their feet. They also show irritability and impatience if things are going too slowly for them. Moreover, they also have a tendency to talk non-stop; which can be quite an annoyance as well. They also appear to be quite reckless and do things which may be considered inappopriate and usually have no regards to the consequences of their actions. They also cannot wait their turns in queues.


Combination Type

The combination type is seen to be the commonest types of ADHD. Having symptoms of both hyperactivity and inattention, it is the most common one with which people are diagnosed with.


Treatment For ADHD

Medications for ADHD or therapy must be taken according to the type of ADHD itself. So the dear ones of the patient of ADHD must be on the constant lookout for the potential symptoms, and they should immediately take the person to a clinician to get treated for this disorder.

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