Effects Of Ritalin On ADHD

Effects Of Ritalin On ADHD

Effects Of Ritalin On ADHD


ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a mental disorder which is caused by impairment in brain development. It usually causes a disruption in daily activites as the individual fails to concentrate adequately on the task at hand. Moreover, it causes the individual to make remarks at the wrong situations and at the wrong times; inappropriate comments make them socially detestable. For children- there is failure to cope with schoolwork while for grown-ups, they fail to maintain their social relationships.


Many medications for ADHD are applied to treat this disorder. Of them, one of the most common is Ritalin, a brand name for methyphenidate, to treat the ADHD medical condition. It falls into the category of a stimulant, and its inception was in the early years of 1956. Its effect has been noted and is widely used for treatment for both severe and midway cases of ADHD.


How It Effects The Brain

A neuroimaging centre in the University Of Massachusetts has discovered that Ritalin turns the ADHD inflicted brain and copies the functioning of a normal brain. Many specialists have also said that it has a effect on the midbrain; the methylphenidate i.e. Ritalin changes the balance of the chemicals in the brain so that it can respond to neural impulses more readily, thus improving focus.


How It Helps

Ritalin can help many suffering cases of ADHD, as it has been found to improve concentration and focus in many people. Moreover, it allows people to be more vigilant and be distracted much less by other stuff. They are more inclined to concentrate in the job at hand.


Side Effects?

Although Ritalin is considered one of the most common drugs for ADHD, it has a lot of side effects which may be very problematic for many people. These include sleep disorders, ocassional nausea, headaches, and stomach pains. It also gives a sense of anxiety and nervousness.


Some more serious side effects include slowing of growth and less height development for children, as well as blurred vision.


So what now?

Ritalin is a widely used drug to treat ADHD, but it should be only prescribed by a doctor and if any serious side effects such as shortness of breath, manic behavior and hallucination occur then it should not be used and a doctor should be consulted immediately. Others can use Ritalin for the betterment of their focus and performance in daily life.

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