Natural Remedies for ADHD

Natural Remedies for ADHD

Natural Remedies for ADHD


With increasing ADHD patients, the use of ADHD drugs is escalating at an unprecedented rate. However, the side effects of ADHD medication- such as poor appetite, lack of sleep, heart complications and abrupt shifts in mood- are a growing concern. Modern patients are aware of the consequences and hence, are in search for other methods to tackle ADHD.


Alternative treatments for ADHD

Fortunately, ADHD meds is not the only solution! There are natural treatments for ADHD. Extensive research has brought to light various ways to cure ADHD. Let’s take a look at what they are:


Maintaining the diet

Hyperactivity in ADHD patients is triggered by certain food colorings and preservatives; they must strictly cut these off their diet. In addition, if the patient is allergic to any food, it must not be taken. On the other hand, some supplements for ADHD are necessary. Zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 has proved to reduce ADHD behavior.


Exercise, Massage and Therapies

Studies have shown that exercise helps to get a proper balance of hormones in the body, thus reducing ADHD and anxiety. Children with ADHD symptoms who are allowed to play outdoors regularly have been benefited to a great extent.


An oil massage can also be given to ADHD patients- a massage is certainly relaxing; massage helps to control emotions, mood and unruly behavior. Many people who suffer from ADHD symptoms joined yoga classes and have experienced positive outcomes. Furthermore, certain therapies exist which can be taken after consulting an ADHD doctor.


Lead an organized life

Using ‘to-do lists’ and a proper routine can help ADHD patients to excel at work or school because such approaches will aid them not to miss out instructions and details. Nowadays there are many applications on digital devices that aim to make the lives of ADHD patients easier- these should definitely be given a try!


In conclusion, people in the vicinity of ADHD patients can play big role to help them convalesce. These people should be appreciated for whatever good things they do so that they can feel optimistic about life.

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