Treatment of ADHD without medication

Treatment of ADHD without medication

Treatment of ADHD without medication

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder often found in children, but adults can suffer from it too. It leads to restlessness, lack of concentration, and in some cases, depression. But, the good news is that there are solutions to this, involving both medication and without medication.


Treatment without Medication

Giving Challenges

Treatment without drugs is mostly effective for those ADHD-candidates who can't focus and concentrate properly, and are always inattentive. To help them recognize and control their behavior and mind, their parents and teacher(s) have to play a very significant role. The parents can give missions or challenges to their child, and reward him/her if they succeed, which can be a great motivation for the child. The teacher(s), on the other hand, can give quick feedbacks, that'll help the child to concentrate.


Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep can worsen the condition of a child with ADHD. The problem is that they can't readily fall asleep when they go to bed, and the tiredness and exhaustion affects their concentration and inattentiveness. It can be adjusted, by setting up a routine. Bedtime should be fixed all round the year, as well as the environment should be cool and comfortable, and no gadgets should be allowed to the child.



Exercise is a very good way to help a child gain focus and concentration. The harder he/she exercises, the more easily he/she can organize the thoughts, and concentrate in a given task. And, if he/she likes sports which require more focus, such as tennis or football, it's a bonus. Playing in these kinds of sports will make the child concentrate more, which will improve the concentration and focusing-ability of the child.



Music is another helpful way in getting over this mental disorder. Music is rhythmic and patterned, which causes different parts of the brain to work together. This improves concentration, and helps in being social. Other than that, playing instruments can also help a lot. While playing flutes, or piano or drums, the child has to keep up a rhythm and pace, and also concentrate in what he/she is playing, which, again, causes different parts of the brain to work together, and has the same effect as playing sports.
In conclusion, the advantage of treating ADHD without medication is that it has no side effects, and is applicable for all people, rather than using drugs.

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