ADHD Untreated

ADHD Untreated

ADHD Untreated


ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a mental condition, stemming from early ages of seven to adulthood, and can cause a lot of problems in the afflicted’s lifestyle and growth. Caused due to irregularities in neurodevelopment, the brain of someone suffering from ADHD does not function like the regular brain.


It has many adverse effects on a person’s lifestyle and if untreated could lead to much more problems for the person to face in the future.


How is ADHD harmful?

ADHD robs the afflicted from the mental strength and prowess required to adequately handle daily activities and assignments. ADHD causes people to struggle to concentrate on a single task alone, and can have their minds drift on to other activities as well thus reducing inefficiency. They also can hardly keep track of conversations, lectures and zone out from time to time. Always impatient, they can’t wait in line for a longer period of time, and interrupt other people’s activities and conversations. They also are very impulsive and often make very rude comments which are deemed inappopriate so they struggle maintaining good relationships in social life.


In all facets of life, they remain behind the crowd.


What Happens If It Goes Untreated?

For children, if ADHD remains untreated they struggle to get academic success and are considered rebellious and unliked generally. They suffer from emotional problems and cannot control their emotions and cannot complete their tasks like homework, etc in time. They may also indulge in activities not suited to their age.


If untreated, the miserable life led in childhood often carries on to adulthood, where job performance is hampered severely, social relationships are rock bottom; marital problems occur and family relationships deteriorate at a large scale. The afflicted suffers from ill mental health, and in most cases people with ADHD, if untreated, they most probably will find solace in alcohol, and drugs as well.


Even treating ADHD also has its risks- people may indulge in substance abuse with the drugs prescribed. But it has been seen that those not treated are more likely to either fail in school, divorce their partners, either smoke or drink heavily, and even cause violent automobile accidents.


Thus, treatment of ADHD in early ages with correct supervision can be a solution to one of the most disturbing impairments in history.

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