ADHD Combined Type

ADHD Combined Type

ADHD Combined Type


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) is a mental disorder occurring due to abnormal brain function. A disorder which has been relentlessly studied on for the past decade, many therapies and treatments for ADHD have been patented and are in regular use. It is one of the most disturbing impairments to live life with and causes ample problemsin lifestyle.


The Three Types Of ADHD

ADHD is usually divided into three types, with differing symptoms and treatments. The symptoms are usually seen in the early years and are categorized and diagnosed differently. The types include: predominantly inattentive type, predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type, and combination type.


The most common of the types is the combination type- which includes most of the symptoms from the other two types combined.


Symptoms Of Combined Type ADHD

Diagnosis of this type of ADHD would mean you show at least six symptoms of the inattention type and the hyperactive-impulsive type.This would include an attitude of high impatience and irritability, not wanting to wait in queues, being very forgetful and absent minded, as well as missing out important details. Difficulties in focusing on one task centrally can also be seen. Moreover, a potential dislike in tasks which require mental concentration is also noticed. People with combined type may also talk non-stop and may be rude and inappopriate at various times in conversations. They struggle in making friends and keeping relationships at a daily basis.


Combined type ADHD is the most common, and is also the most disturbing. It can cause serious disruptions and hamper performance in jobs or school on a large scale. It can also cause the person to become addicted to drugs or alcohol in the long run. Thus, treatment for ADHD must be undertaken, and ADHD meds may also be prescribed to make the afflicted fit and healthy.

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