ADHD vs Bipolar Disorder

ADHD vs Bipolar Disorder

ADHD vs Bipolar Disorder


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Bipolar Disorder both are psychiatric syndromes. Both of them share some potential symptoms for which misdiagnosis often occur. It is also true both of them can co-exist in certain patients.


Similar symptoms

In both ADHD and Bipolar disorder patients tend to be restless, impulsive, talkative, impatience and mood volatility. Moreover, ADHD and Bipolar patients have genetic links. Their family history often consists of multiple cases of either disease. Nevertheless, this does not determine that they are the same disease- they have many differences.


Difference between ADHD and Bipolar

ADHD is usually diagnosed in children. The signs of ADHD show between the ages six and twelve. Bipolar Disorder is more common after eighteen. On the other hand, both ADHD and Bipolar can be diagnosed in patients regardless of age but the cases are rare.


ADHD is a long-lasting illness but Bipolar Disorder goes through a lot of ups and downs which includes periods of normal behavior.


The mood swings of ADHD patients are related to life events. The issue only occurs with the intensity of their moods. In contrast, Bipolar Disorder’s patients show uncertain mood swings that don’t relate to life events; for instance, on a very happy occasion, a patient can be depressed. Furthermore, the mood swings in Bipolar Disorder occurs over a long span of time, typically weeks.



The best solution is to consult a Bipolar disorder or ADHD doctor because co-existence of both diseases is common. Hence, misdiagnosis can occur which can lead to severe consequences. You also have to carefully study the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder and ADHD to be able to differentiate between them. Last but not the least, if you notice extreme behavior in somebody in your vicinity e.g. suicide attempt, then take immediate action!

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