Books On ADHD

Books On ADHD

Books On ADHD


ADHD, a pretty well known term to describe a psychological disorder has garnered quite the attention of the years. A large volume of ADHD research has been done since and the results have been in the range from startling to the very obvious. Several books have been written on ADHD as well, for all ages, and many guidebooks have also been written for help on this particular issue.


What is ADHD?

ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a psychatric disorder which leads to potential hampering and disruption of an individual’s concentration and focus, and also consists of continuous excessive activity. Their behaviour is not considered normal. It can cause forgetfullness, daydreaming, not being able to concentrate on just one task alone and frequent confusion with regards to instructions provided. For children, the most obvious consequence is their struggle in academics and poor academic performance while for adults it usually leads to struggle in work and to maintain relationships and organize their plans.


The Role Of Books?

This is where books come in. Books on ADHD can both inform and let people know whether they have ADHD or not. Parents can be sure whether their children are suffering from this particular disorder. Some books also guide adults on how to deal with ADHD and may also provide proper ADHD meds as well.


Some Great Books On ADHD

Many writers have written excellent books on ADHD. More Attention, Less Deficit: Success Strategies for Adults with ADHD; written by Ari Tuckman, is a perfect book for adults who face trouble with ADHD. Written in a concise, and to-the-point structure, the readers can enjoy its information, beginning from how ADHD hampers the processing of information by the brain to the medications and ADHD therapy available. It also has references to research on how ADHD has affected peoples lives on a large scale.


As for children, the number of books available is much, much more. The most famous of them, Cory Stories: A Kid’s book about living with ADHD, written by Jeanne R Kraus, provides an insight on a troubled life of a boy who suffers from ADHD. The context is often relatable for many and the humorous, short-story structure is very fine to read.


A quite famous line of books, Putting On The Brakes, written by Patricia O Quinn contains three editions, each providing useful and helpful resources and information which can help both adults and children tackle ADHD. It also allows students to handle homework assignments and build up social skills, so that their academic performance does not drop.


Your Life Can Be Better, Using Strategies for adult ADD/ADHD is a book written by Douglas A Puryear, and is written in a different style, in a narrative which allows you to actually relate and feel more personal while reading. Giving insights on relationship problems and problems in organization with respect to ADHD, it is a great book which allows adults to adjust their lifestyle to deal with ADHD.



Many books are available about ADHD- about ADHD tests, causes of ADHD,and many more. Some others include The ADHD workbook for kids: Helping Children Gain Self-Confidence, Social Skills and Self Control, and Driven To Distraction. A good read can go a long way- so if you’re in doubt, be sure to read some books on ADHD.

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