Is ADHD a disability

Is ADHD a disability

Is ADHD a disability


ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is one of the most common worldwide mental conditions, afflicting children and adults alike. Rooting from tender ages of 6 and going on to adolescence to adulthood, ADHD can interfere in the lifestyle of people in many ways, of which all are drawbacks. And whether it is a disability or not is widely debated-while it causes many difficulties in lifestyle, many people may think these are not that great to make it as severe as a disability.


What actually is ADHD?

ADHD is a psychiatric disorder, which does not allow the brain to function normally and the patients usually suffer from lack of focus, forgetfullness, absentmindedness and their tendency to make rash decisions which make them suffer substantially in the long run. People with ADHD hardly have any heed to the consequence of their actions and usually end up overdoing their activities- their hasty decisions in situations land them into unnecessary trouble. They also blurt out remarks without really getting the situation and these remarks may be deemed inappopriate. Their lack in social skills and organization make them struggle with daily life and performance.


Why Can It Be Considered A Disability?

For children, yes, it can be considered a disability. Although it may not be as serious as conditions like dyslexia, students with ADHD struggle tremendously with their schoolwork. They end up being very disorganized and as they grow it is almost impossible for them to cope with schoolwork and various assignments and managing time for tutions as well. Thus, in countries like USA, with records of diagonosis it can be qualified as a disability and Social Security Benefits can be sought.


ADHD is often not considered a condition at all as most of its symptoms coincide so much with others of the similar age. A child prancing around with exuberant energy can’t seem very abnormal, can it? But for children with ADHD, this is more severe due to improper development in the brain.


ADHD:The next step

ADHD is a marked mental condition and for many severe cases it can be considered a disability. So if you are a parent-do not take this lightly, your child needs to be diagnosed immediately, and needs to be treated for ADHD. Every child has a right to enjoy their lives and lead it the way they want. And ADHD should not get in the way of that, ever.

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