Is ADHD real

Is ADHD real

Is ADHD real

What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a psychological disorder that causes impulsivity, hyperactivity and inattentiveness. The symptoms show in a young age and so, children are the primary victims of ADHD.


ADHD awareness

In recent times, the awareness about ADHD has grown rapidly. Parents have become concerned about their children. In addition, they are concerned about their children’s faltering academic performances.


ADHD causes students to daydream, fidget in class and be forgetful about things. These negative qualities hamper their grades significantly. Hence, parents have opted to put their children on ADHD medication and therapies.


Is ADHD a mental illness?

A group of people- which includes top-notch neuroscientists- claim that ADHD is not a mental disease. It is rather a ‘set of symptoms’. Any human being can show such symptoms in some point of time. Even more interesting is the fact that these symptoms can come from other issues such as unhealthy diets, lack of sleep, depression or anxiety.


They also suggest that it is not right to put children on ADHD drugs or therapies without proper understanding; sometimes, ADHD misdiagnosis occurs. Furthermore, if children get used to meds from a young age, in the future large doses may become mandatory for them- such condition is commonly known as ‘drug addiction’. ADHD can rather be cured by simple steps such as better diet plans, regular outdoor play-times, etc.


The conspiracy theory

Many experts sternly state that “ADHD is a fake disease.” According to them, such a thing does not exist! It has been made up by the pharmaceutical industry in order to maximize sales and profit. The number of ADHD cases is on the rise, however, only in countries like the US. The demand for ADHD medication is also escalating since it has been made ‘viral’ via ADHD websites and YouTube videos.

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