Statistics on ADHD

Statistics on ADHD

Statistics on ADHD


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, shortened as ADHD, is a chronic mental disorder which often occurs in children. It is also very common for this disorder to last even after the person reaches adulthood. The most common effects of ADHD are distractibility, lack of attention and concentration, hyperactivity, and occasionally impulsivity. You might have noticed the word ‘common’ used a couple times already, but how common or likely is it? Well, the numbers says it all.


The statistics

On average, children of age seven are usually diagnosed with ADHD. However, the symptoms of ADHD typically appear between the ages of three and six years old. Among children living in the United States of America, 6.1% of them are going through treatments against ADHD with the aid of medicines. Furthermore, ADHD diagnoses have increased over the period of the last eight years by 42%, which is a significantly large figure. In the US, 4% of adults over the age of eighteen also suffer from ADHD, which goes to show that this chronic condition isn’t only restricted to a person’s childhood.


The numbers don’t end there. According to research, males are thrice as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD as females. 9.8% of whites and 9.5% of blacks are affected by ADHD, whereas the percentage of Latinos affected by ADHD is around 5.5%. This proves that race doesn’t necessarily play a factor in determining whether a person has ADHD or not. Also, a study conducted in 2007 shows that Americans spend about forty-three dollars approximately per year to fight against ADHD.



Here you go! The numbers have spoken and now you know what it means when somebody says ADHD is ‘common’. A large proportion of people in the world have ADHD and they are fighting it everyday. If you think your body or mind is showing signs of ADHD, then the best course of action you can take is to talk with a doctor immediately.

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