ADHD in Girls

ADHD in Girls

ADHD in Girls


It is a common belief among people that ADHD is rarely caused in girls, since more boys than girls are diagnosed with ADHD. But, actually, more girls suffer from ADHD than boys; they have the inattentive type of ADHD, which is generally ignored and undiagnosed, and isn't much of a problem until they reach adulthood, which leads to them, being less likely to receive treatment. This is a disadvantage for the girls with ADHD, and they are further disadvantaged when they won't receive the accurate and up-to-date treatment, because most of the researches on ADHD have focused on boys. Not much is known about the difference in activity of ADHD, and the response of the medication and other forms of treatment in both genders.


The Effects of ADHD on Girls

Girls with ADHD suffer more from depression, anxiety, and distress than normal girls, and neither are prompt in academics. Compared to boys with the same condition, they experience more difficulties from feeling depressed, anxious, and distressed and feel as if they can’t take control of the problems and obstacles that they face. The fact that girls are generally thought not to have ADHD, it's important not to ignore that a girl may have the condition if she shows signs of it. And, the research on ADHD should be widened, and girls should be referred for evaluation , so that the perfect treatment and medication can be found for those suffering from ADHD. There are some sociocultural beliefs about girls, for instance, that they tend to daydream, that they just are not interested in academics, can actually create a problem in the child's ability to function.


What should be done next?

If a girl is diagnosed with ADHD, her parents should stay updated about the research about the development of ADHD in girls, the particular challenges their daughter may meet, and also the different forms of treatment.

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