ADHD and High IQ in Children

ADHD and High IQ in Children

ADHD and High IQ in Children


ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a mental condition, usually seen from early years, and continues on to adulthood. The first signs are noted usually at age seven, and it is now commonplace in children throughout the world, and the numbers are increasing in time.


Of these children with ADHD, a study has revealed that a stunning number of them have high IQ(intelligence quotient) scores, and they are seemingly more talented than their peers. This has sparked some debate over they years with several studies conducted afterward.


How are children with ADHD different?

Children with ADHD do not behave like other children of their age. This is due to the different ways in which their brains function; their brains do not function normally like your average brain. Their behavorial pattern is understood by noting their constant impatience and irritaibility if things go slowly for them, their constant difficulty to keep their focus on one specific task, and they are very easily distracted. The children are also noted for their seemingly rebellious and impulsive behavior which leaves parents and teachers frustrated.


They also have a potential lack of focus in their tasks at hand, and seem to drift off pretty easily even when a person is speaking with them. They also tend to be very impulsive and rude, and take hasty decisions without taking heed of the circumstances.


The Select Special High-IQ Population

Although it has been seen that children with ADHD often have low IQs and are not considered very intelligent in general, there is some evidence to prove that sometimes children with ADHD also seem to have high IQs as well. Moreover,it has also been found that people who have both ADHD and a high IQ seem to have suffered a type of social disorder e.g bipolar disorder at some point of their lives as well.


This special set of people usually display the ADHD symptoms a bit less impulsively. They often do not struggle socializing and have less anti social behavior and relationship problems compared to normal children with ADHD. Thus, even if they do suffer from ADHD it may often be overlooked as they can maintain their academic achievements solely on their intelligence, although life of such individuals is a struggle.


The children with high IQs can often have their intelligence and IQ mismeasured and misunderstood due to ADHD. They will also tend to underperform in comparisons to their expectations. It has been found that if these children are given proper medications for ADHD, they can excel far, far more than normal children are even able to do so. To reach their zenith, these gifted people must at first tackle the hurdle in form of ADHD.

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