ADHD in School

ADHD in School

ADHD in School


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or simply referred to as ADHD, is an infuriating mental disorder that lies lurking in the minds of many people- teenagers, adults, kids, students. And although it may be very irksome for an adult with a job to have ADHD, it is unarguably the most troublesome to students, especially those in high school or higher. Having ADHD in school will definitely turn out to be a nightmare to those with intense ADHD.


Why is it troublesome?

Just as the name of the disorder suggests, those with ADHD have a very short attention span. This causes ADHD students to be constantly absent-minded during lectures, thus making them stagger behind the other students. Another side-effect of ADHD in play is distractibility; students will often get distracted from even the slightest of movements or the smallest of events. With such terrible focus and concentration it won’t be very shocking if a student with ADHD ends up with a ‘C’ despite putting in all his efforts.


The problems don’t end there unfortunately. ADHD causes people to lose interest in a task rather quickly and will often urge its host to hastily finish work. Students with ADHD will often not do homework, either because ADHD compelled them to do other work that is more enjoyable, or because they simply forgot (which may also be due to ADHD).


What can be done?

For many, ADHD might just be the difference between their success and failure. Although many students might discover that ADHD has gradually faded away from their lives during the transition to becoming an adult (although most might still have ADHD in adulthood), the aftermath of having ADHD might turn out to be irreparable to them. Academic success is of the outmost importance in being successful during adulthood, and if a student with severe ADHD wants to succeed despite his setbacks, he will have to fight ADHD.


The best way to do that is, of course, taking the proper medication as prescribed by the doctor, or going through ADHD treatment. If you have ADHD, I strongly recommend that you take a trip to the doctor’s immediately if you haven’t already.

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