ADHD in Teenagers

ADHD in Teenagers

ADHD in Teenagers


ADHD, the shortening of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a mental disorder or condition that is present in many people. Whether the patient is an adult or a child, ADHD plagues victims of all ages alike, although the symptoms and affects may differ from person to person depending on their age. ADHD may be particularly troublesome for teenagers, considering most are already experiencing a confusing stage in life due to puberty; ADHD may cause their lives to be in even more turmoil.

The symptoms of ADHD and how it affects teens

ADHD symptoms in teenagers are largely similar to those seen in kids. The most common of those symptoms is distractibility. Teenagers with ADHD will get easily distracted from their work at hand. This is most evident concerning homework and socializing, among many other tasks. The simplest of tasks may come across teenagers as ‘hard work’. In the classroom, teenagers maybe more inclined to spend their time daydreaming, mostly unintentionally, regardless of whether they want to participate in class lectures or not. Because of this lack of attention that ADHD causes, teenagers may struggle in achieving academic success.


Other symptoms are the presence of hyperactivity and impulsivity. ADHD teens are likely to be talkative, and may have a tendency to talk or act without thinking. And also because of the lack of focus or attention in an ADHD teenager, teens without medication are more likely to cause car accidents than normal teenagers.


What can be done?

By now it’s obvious that ADHD is a very troublesome mental disorder and should be taken care of immediately. The first course of action for concerned parents should be to take your offspring to the doctor for treatment. The teens should take their ADHD medications regularly based on the doctor’s prescription. Hopefully with time your children will be able to counter the effects of ADHD and succeed in their life, both socially and academically.

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