Facts about ADHD

Facts about ADHD

Facts about ADHD

What is ADHD?

ADHD is a chronic condition that forms after the infancy of a person will often continue onto adulthood (every two out of three ADHD kids will still have ADHD in adulthood). ADHD is short for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and, as the name suggests, will cause patients to be extremely inattentive and hyperactive, and in many cases even impulsive. This mental condition is very much well known in the general populace, although its important facts might not be as well known by the masses. Here are some facts about this chronic disorder known as ADHD-


ADHD is real

As odd as it sounds, this fact is something that isn’t believed by a significant amount of people. It could be due to ignorance or maybe even mistrust of science. It has been concluded long ago by many scientists that ADHD is not a myth. Fortunately, the majority of the population of developed countries will say that ADHD is real.


ADHD is common

ADHD is more common than what people might think. This disorder affects people of all ages and backgrounds. A person, regardless of age, gender, religion or nationality, can end up being diagnosed with ADHD.


ADHD is threatening

Even though most people view ADHD as simply a harmless annoyance, ADHD can be very dangerous, especially if the person is not diagnosed or haven’t gone through treatment. It can ruin a student’s academic performance, which will surely affect his future career. People with ADHD are more likely to get into car accidents than people without it. Workers with ADHD would significantly be less productive in their jobs, and many people with ADHD often have trouble maintaining or starting relationships with others.


ADHD is often accompanied by other mental disorders

Many people diagnosed with ADHD often have troubles with other disorders as well, such as anxiety disorder or sleeping disorders. And furthermore, exports even claim that around 70% people with ADHD are likely to go through depression.


These are just a few of the facts about ADHD. If you suspect that you or any one of your loved ones has ADHD, then it is highly encouraged that you visit the doctor for ADHD treatment immediately.

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